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  • IF14-2 Team EditionDeveloped for the 2022 IFMAR World Championship with direct input and test information gathered by Infinity team drivers.Major spare parts and optional parts are the same as IF14-2.

    750,00 €
  • The best FWD car arround !

    499,00 €
  • The next generation of IF18, the car which won the World Championship in 2017! Since its debut the IF18 has been loved by 1/8 racers in many countries and has seen success all over the world. The outstanding rear stability will remain unchanged and this time the front section has been redesigned.

    899,00 €
  • Based on the World Champion IF15, this wide chassis kit features exclusive new front and rear shock towers and body mounts as standard items, as well as wide tires to create a 235mm wide race chassis for use with racing-type body. The newly designed front one way drive is included in the kit to help produce sharp turn in that matches the racing-type body.

    759,00 €
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