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  • Futaba T10PX Radio System F-4G/T-FHSS/S-FHSS with R404SBS Diversity Receiver Futaba's high-end model 7PX series for cars & boats, which is favored by many of the world's top drivers. Taking over that DNA, a new "T10PX" was born.

    770,00 €
  • Futaba T7PXR - New 2020! Futaba's flagship 7PX has been the choice of many of the World's top drivers for its incredible response, speed & reliability. The 7PX has evolved, meeting the demanding and ever-changing needs of today's drivers, now introducing the 7PXR.

    650,00 €
  • Futaba four-channel computer steering wheel RC kit using T-FHSS SR 2.4GHz transmission system with super fast response for competition and advanced recreational car and boat models.

    300,00 €
  • Hold the 3PV in your hand, and instantly feel how lightweight it is. Access the programming menu on the easy-to-read screen, and see how sophisticated it is.You also get FHSS, S-FHSS and T-FHSS protocols, making it one of R/C's most versatile surface system. The 3PV is available with a high-voltage R203GF receiver that's an ideal match for brushless ESCs...

    155,00 €
  • LT2F2000B LiPo 7.4V 2000mAh 14.8Wh Charging port: USB-A (5V/2A) Battery Port: USB-C Length: 80mm Width: 46mm Thickness: 17.4 Weight: 96g

    99,00 €
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